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Check out the Various Benefits of Rambutan for Pregnant Women

The sweet taste of rambutan makes it one of the favorite fruits of some people, including pregnant women. In addition to its sweet taste, rambutan also holds a variety of benefits for pregnant women. Like other fruits, rambutan contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for pregnancy. Some important nutrients contained in rambutan include vitamins B2, B3, C, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, and sodium. All of these nutrients are not only good for pregnant women, but also good for the fetus. Various Benefits of Rambutan for Pregnant Women The following are the various benefits of rambutan for pregnant women that need to be known: 1. Maintain digestive health during pregnancy The content of insoluble and soluble fiber in rambutan is effective for maintaining the health of the digestive system of pregnant women. In addition, insoluble fiber in rambutan is also useful for expediting the process of excretion from the body, thereby preventing constipation during pregnan
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5 Tips for Successful Breast Pumping in the Office

Returning to work after giving birth will make Mother unable to breastfeed Little One during the day. However, don't worry. Mother can flush or pumping breast milk in the office to continue to meet their needs. Come on, find out tips for pumping breast milk in the office. It is not uncommon for working mothers to feel guilty because they cannot always give breast milk directly. In fact, Mother, breastfeeding directly or giving breast milk the results of pumping are equally beneficial for babies, really. Aside from being an excellent source of nutrition, breast milk is also able to reduce the risk of babies experiencing illness and allergies. Tips on Doing Pumping in the Office The main key before Mother doing pumping in the office is to prepare your child to not drink breast milk directly. So, before returning to work, train your child to drink milk from a bottle of milk. Mother can also teach the family at home to give milk to Little. So that the pumping process can run smo

Pregnant Mother, Read This Before Vacationing at the Beach

The beach is one of the fun vacation destinations, including for pregnant women. Vacation to the beach can also be done at the time of the babymoon before Little was born. But, there are things that should be noted for pregnant women to stay on the beach safe. Although previously Bumil has been many times and used to move on the beach, but you should be more careful, so that the holidays can still be enjoyed, without endangering the Little One in the womb. Pregnant Pregnant Women Guide to the Beach The condition of the body during pregnancy is different from the condition when the body is normal. Including more sensitive skin, faster body temperature and also the burden of the baby in the womb. Here are some things that need to be done so that holidays on the beach for pregnant women remain enjoyable: Apply sunscreen During pregnancy, the skin becomes more flammable and more sensitive to the risk of rashes, itching, to black spots. Pregnant women are advised to apply a sunscre